The English Access Microscholarship Program

The Community Fund for Lifelong Education welcomed the New Year by holding its second annual teambuilding camp for students enrolled in its 2008-2010 English Access Microscholarship Program.

From January 3rd-7th, sixteen dedicated students from Pervomaika, Ilinka, Ubinka , Barashki, and Bastaushi gathered for all-day sessions to learn the importance of teamwork and leadership to achieving group goals. Together, the students reached a number of different milestones, learned to work together, and most importantly, had a lot fun.

The camp focused on teaching the students team values and leadership through fun, interactive activities. To start off the camp, the students created their own list of ten values that teams need to work together and used them to solve different puzzles, including untying themselves from ‘human knots’ and helping each other navigate difficult obstacle courses blindfolded. Students also learned about different leadership styles through group art projects, practiced important strategies for learning English, and practiced problem-solving skills through riddles and debates. To strengthen their team bonds, the students also went on group field trips during the evenings, which included watching a local basketball game and sledding together.

To celebrate their success and accomplishments over the week, each student received a certificate in a special ceremony sponsored by the Community Fund. The students ended the camp by playing their favorite games from the week and having a dance party in the UPK’s Hi-Fi discotech. As a result of working and having fun together for a whole week, the students say they feel much closer to each other and are better equipped with the skills to help each other learn English as a team over the next two years.

For the next two years, these motivated students will learn about the English language and the English and American cultures in The English Access Microscholarship Program. The EAMP is a two-year program that teaches non-elite students ages 14-18 the English language and the foods, holidays, and traditions of English-speaking countries. Past EAMP activities have included celebrating American holidays, learning English grammar and vocabulary, and cooking American food. The program is led by the coordinator of the The Community Fund for Life-long Education, Anara Zhakupova, and is also taught by American Peace Corps Volunteer David Whitsett and three teachers from Kazakhstan-American Free University, Natalya Korotkova, Eugenia Poltoranina, and Vera Kolesnikova.

While the students are just beginning their two year journey in the English Access Microscholarship Program, they have definitely gotten off to a great start.

If you would like more information about how to enroll your child in the English Access Microscholarship Program, please call Anara Zhakupova at +77773639856.

Peace Corp Volunteer, KAZ 20, David Whitsett